January 15th, 2004



craig: yep. exactly. but just in case you need me at a particular point, go ahead and toss me in :)
lijah: luffs you
dave: kk
dave: *loves*
lijah: *tosses you onto the bed*
craig: heh
kitty: ooh, feisty!
lijah!mun: [demb pup.. should be sleeping]
craig: *molests while he's sleeping*
lijah: *gah! yes!*
david: dear lord...get a room.
craig: *leers* you can join us
lijah: [<3]
david: yeah....and get killed by karl?
craig: karl can join us too *wink*
dave: LOL
david: we are TRYING monogamy.
lijah: *snogs craigy*
craig: anyway....cate, kiera...nice to 'meet' you both!!! :) and sorry again for the rather testy vamp ;)
lijah: *snogs davy*
lijah: *snogs karl*
David: hell...karl isn't here *pounces Craig*
lijahs: *snogs cate*
kitty: that's alright! t'was fun! and i'd be a bit testy, too. :)
craig: *squeals like a girl*
lijah: *snogs kierra*
kitty: *purrs*
cate: *hugs Craig-mun*
Lijah: oooh.. *gropes craigy*
craig!mun: o.O uh-oh. pups in an orgy
dave!mun: isn't that how this game started?
dave: a karl/david/craig/miranda orgy?
craig: oh absolutely *fond memories*
lijah: weee..
craig: then he saw lijah, propositioned him within seconds and it was all over for him :)
lijah: and then a david/karl/lijah/craigy orgy