January 18th, 2004

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Hey all. With the random schedules and time zones and moving and all that people are doing, you may notice more "threaded" posts. This should help us to keep the plotlines going so that we do not bog them down waiting for people to get online. It also enables certain muns to play from work. Not that I would ever do that. Nope. Not me.
If you're pup has a legitimate reason to be in a thread, please join in. IE. Karl is meeting Sala, Elijah lives there so does Craig, they could join in. Since Craig is sleeping and Elijah is passed out, they won't but they could. I am thinking about opening a chat room every other Saturday for Miranda's club. That way people could randomly join in. I may not always be in there, but it might be kind of handy. Thoughts?

One last thing, those of you that are new may not know that David!mun actually plays Miranda, Alan and Vin as well. So if you don't see any of them on...that is why. Just ping David and I will have whoever you need sign on.

Karl!Mun and I are soooo excited to have all of you and to see all the activity. Thank you all so much.
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