February 1st, 2004

Lija Toes, Barefoot, in touch with the stones


Prankster Ewan McGregor has given Shaun Bean a magical necklace to turn the head of Liv, but which direction will Livvies attention be turning? And what does Shaun's daughter Morgan think of her daddy vieing for Livvies attention while dragging Ewan into the pool for a little less hanky and a lot more panky?

Elijah and Paris are left drugged in the bar. And Why would Mr. Johnson just drug them and leave them? And why have Lijah's memories from the past been wiped away again? How can Craig enact some revenge and still guard his Lijah during the day, especially when sunlight is harmful to this vampire, or will David and Karl feast on BBQ'd Johnson alone. And what will happen when Craig and Elijah descend on California and stay with Colin Farrell. Can you say a bachelor party for bad-boy Colin who has no desire to settle down with his boss's daughter.

Will Cate and Keira continue to be held responsible? Or will Miranda be able to prove their innocence. And is that just a spring love in the air for Mir and Harry? OR how about perhaps Vin and Orli? Wedding bells already? And who is Monica and why does she smell so seductively sweet?

Wizard Alan Rickman's twin sister has moved in with him and Viggo. Much to his dismay. And she brought a cat with her, by the name of Keira.

And why are there a few outsiders so interested in the coven of supernatural activity in Wellington. And what will happen if they find the ones they seek?

Sala and Ioreth fell straight out of Middle Earth and landed into a hot bed of Wellington supernatural's who will be next. You? The full moon is coming.

GAH! And more sex then you can shake a stick at.
And this was just within the last two weeks

oh and gip. too. :)
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