March 4th, 2004


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Some of you have seen David's post by now.

He's going to see a witch about having his memories of Orlando..the city one, erased. This should enable him to return home to Karl and stop the freaking angst. Grrrr.

He will forget a lot of Minas Tirith and the rest will be a bit fuzzy. He will still remember Ioreth and Sala though. Not sure yet how to handle Shades Orli, but we'll figure soemthing out. Thank you for being so patient with us.


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Can I get a show of hands of all the pups staying at Karl's house??????????

And please.... Lij, before inviting people over can you at least introduce them to Karl!!!!!!!!!!!! *grumbles* *gnaws on his leg*

My count is:
Colin (whom Karl hasn't ever laid eyes on... we're trying to remedy this)

Colin thought he was at Craig's

Moral of this story..... I'm Forgetful Jones. Remind me of things and make sure that I remember. And if you have lots of details for a plot that I need to knwo about, post them in the ooc community for me. Sending it over AIM will make sure that I'll lose half of the information.


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