March 19th, 2004

Oh no..., WTF?

Shades on the brain

So is it wrong to read stories like this and immediately worry about Liv's relatives? :)

And when/how is the David plot advancing? I'm in terrible suspense and can't think of any more small-talk... (Not to mention all the other plots going on right now!)
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Really weird dreams.

I had a Shades dream last night. It was very strange, but I shall share it with you all!

Dr. Walker's thugs came over to Liv's place. They said they were from the utility company and had come to check on the wiring in her apartment. Liv said that the utility people always called ahead of time and could they please come back later. They said no, and she locked the door and hid in her room. They broke into her apartment and started smashing up stuff (like her fish tank, woe), and generally vandalizing and making a complete mess of her apartment. She managed to slip past them when they were looking in a different room, and ran down the stairs (she lives on the second floor of the apartment building) and was sprinting down the street. The men were yelling, "She got away! Get her!" etc., and then they shot her with a tranquilizer dart and carted her off somewhere after she'd passed out on the sidewalk.

Throughout this entire ordeal, the thugs were making an audio tape recording of everything that happened.

In the next scene (yes, my dream had scenes (go fig!)), the same thugs had Shaun in a dark room with one of those little lightbulbs that the police shine in people's faces when they're interrogating them. I think they were trying to extort information from him, or something like that. They played back the tape to him, and he was able to hear the guys demolishing Liv's apartment, her screaming, them screaming when she got away, and the gunshot when they tranqed her. Except he didn't know it was a tranq gun, he thought they'd actually killed her, and was completely freaking out.

Later on, Shaun had been framed for the murder of Liv and was being put on trial. Probably because he hadn't told them what wanted to know, I can't remember. Liv was alive, of course, and being held somewhere else. Shaun was completely broken and pathetic-looking when he was on the witness stand. It was sad. I think he was acquitted in the end, however.

And that's all I remember. >.> Weirdness.
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