May 26th, 2004

Ruffled, kitty hair

this one is locked to friends only

time line for our sanity includes the addition of hugh pup

#1 bbq
#2 karl and craig teach lijah to ride.
#3 lijah rides a horse other then charlotte. an unfamiliar one
falls of the horse and breaks his collar bone [completed ficlet]
#4 discovered by karl/david and taken to the hospital
#5 doctor london resets the bone, keeps elijah over night for "observation. because of the concussion from the fall"
#6 robert picks up elijah at the hospital and underdrugs him.. takes everything he has on him, except for the coin. that gets tangled in his sheets
#8 livvie goes to see elijah at the hospital and gets spied by robert
#9 She goes back to her place, and Robert knows that she saw him, and so sends someone after her before she can contact anybody.
#7 Elijah escapes.
#10 elijah is escaped but in america with nothing on him.. he calls craig and ewan to come get him. The quickest way out of america and back to zid is underhill
#11 Livvie wakes up after being tranqualized by Robert and his cohort. Inside the cage in the kennel
11...+1 Hugh is already caged underground will need to be found
#12 the doctor gets to be evil somehow.
#13 shaun gets arrested for the missing and presumed dead livvie
13...+1 robert breaks into livvies to find her pelt. He is sent by walker.
13....+2 doctor is p.o.d and shoves livvie into the underground cage with Hugh
#14 karl goes to Livvies house and smells robert and realizes what really happened to livvie..
#15 At least Elijah and Ewan and Karl go after Livvie by way of Underhill.
#16 shauns side of plottage?!?
#17.. elijah ewan and karl free a distraught livvie from the cage..
17... +1 and Hugh
#18 Dr walker smirks and gets to be evil somehow

18.. +1 gets everyone back to Wellington.
#19 Livvie arrives back at wellington and shaun is released
#20 elijah shags craig profusely